Announcing Our $5M Seed Raise

01/19/24 | Logan Allen

Today we’re announcing Zorp’s $5M seed round led by Delphi Ventures, with participation from North Island Ventures, CMCC Global, Portal Ventures, Champion Hill Ventures, Breed VC, Octu Ventures, and Labyrinth DAO.

Free societies need civilization-grade computational infrastructure.

Blockchains have been touted as revolutionary technologies, promising to change the world, but so far? We’re not impressed. Thanks to recent advances in the field of zero-knowledge research, we’re building a blockchain specifically engineered to maximize personal sovereignty and enshrine the human spirit at scale.

Leveraging the beautiful simplicity of Nock, we built the first combinator-based virtual machine that can be efficiently used with Zero-Knowledge Proofs. Nockchain is a proof-of-useful-work blockchain that sits atop our novel ZKVM. The distributed ledger now matures from an exciting experiment to civilization-grade infrastructure. We’re building the rails for a parallel world economy defined by provable security, understandable personal technologies, and computational freedom.

We’re dead-focused on creating civilization-grade infrastructure that can power a new parallel world of freedom compute. We’re building Nockchain as a high-throughput chain that provides proofs of computation, storage, and a new namespace. We see a future of simple, understandable computation running on personal computers alongside a global, permissionless commodity marketplace for computational capacities.

In the past year, we published our EDEN paper and built a working prototype of our novel design. In 2024, we make our prototype real.

We are excited and grateful to continue our work, with special thanks to Assembly Capital and Portal Ventures for believing in us from the beginning and helping us put together the round.